Tuesday, 26 November 2013

No safety in Numbers

This is a book I read recently written in the perspectives of four teenagers. They are stuck in a mall with a deadly virus and people are getting sick and dying everyday. People in the government is already sending in supplies of food and personal hygiene items but the teenagers like Shay, Ryan, Lexi and Marco. They were the first ones to know about the virus and attempts to escape with every possibility including the roof but failed. But, not long, the authorities leave, there are food and medicine shortages, hundreds' of people piled dead in the skating rink and riots popping up everywhere.
Lexi's mother is a senator and takes control of the mall using strict rules like not holding hands and always using the hand sanitiser.

I really like this book because it shows how people act when they are desperate in need of something important and how much they're going to pay for it after doing it.

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Mark of Athena

Even though it was a slow start ( Percy and Annabeth meeting again and when the warship arrived in camp jupiter ), it was a lot better afterwards. I really liked this book because almost all of them had interactions with gods that not everybody knew about and how Nico Di Angelo actually knew about the existence of both camps but managed to not say anything about Percy's appearance.
This book has also several quests: The mark of Athena, to close the doors of death which also means killing the two giants and stop Gaea. I also liked the fact that part of the quest was not finished at the end of the book yet, to be continued in The House of Hades.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Oblivion is a book by Anthony Horowitz, it is the last book in the series "Power of 5". The whole series is about these five 15 years old' who are gatekeepers. They were raised all over the world and they each have different powers. Matt can move or break things with touching it, Pedro can heal, Scott and Jamie who are identical twins can read other people's minds, and Scarlett can control the weather. They were alive 10'000 years ago to keep the old ones locked away, but Matt had been caught without knowing to the old ones, the old ones were almost released but Matt escaped. When the 5 of them got together and understood who they were, they were broke apart again after Scarlett got shot and she couldn't control the typhoon from entering the temple anymore. They had passed 10 years while going through the magic door that could travel directly to another of the 24 doors all around the world without noticing. When they finally got together again in Antarctica, Richard, Matt's best friend had to kill Mike to defeat the old ones and in order for Jamie to go through the door in Antarctica, Scott had to pull open the chain that locked it and died himself, but the trick was they need to be killed 2 times. So the older version of Matt and Scott were sent to Antarctica and they won the battle. In the end the 5 gatekeepers had to say goodbye because they need to go back to dreamworld (you'll find out in the book).The other three people Lohan who was a Chinese drug dealer went back to Hong Kong, Holly( who was a friend that escaped with Jamie and Traveller ) went to find a village that wasn't destroyed with Richard. Finally, the population grew again and they are now 70 and 80 years old.

I really liked the first and middle part as there were lots of action and adventure in it, but it was really sad in the end because Richard had to kill Matt and had to be separated with the 5 gatekeepers. I liked this book out of the series as it showed how people react to different things and how people had to act to save the world.

I really liked this book, hope you like it too! Please comment and see what I can change, it will help me a lot. Thanks

Saturday, 9 November 2013


This is a real life experience and I would like to share it. Hope you'll enjoy reading it!

She started crying. The supervisors saw us and told me and my friends to bring her the nurse and go to our teacher, Ms Tonner. She was wearing a plain dull yellow t-shirt with black tights. She walked out the classroom like a giant. Oh, those big heavy steps she took. Ms Tonner asked the victim what happened and she said I kicked her. I can’t believe she said that, it wasn’t true. I told Ms Tonner, who was staring at me with her cold small eyes and her furrowed eyebrows, that my friend Gigi and I was behind her, Gigi kicked her lightly for fun, I didn’t. “Why should I believe in you? Why shouldn’t I believe in Juvina? The one who is hurt.” I was so stunned, I couldn’t imagine a teacher saying that to their students. I went into the classroom, sat down and started crying, that statement had hurt me alot. The anger inside my body was boiling, I felt like arguing and talking back to her. Wan Meng who saw the whole thing happened reassured me and told Juvina to come and apologize. I forgave her because she didn’t do anything wrong, It was Ms Tonner.

Ever since the start of the year, she always thought of me as the troublemaker. From going to another class early to not waiting for others to fighting with classmates. She was the only  teacher and also the only times I would get trouble with.

Ms Tonner came in, flicking her blond hair, with a jacket draped over her shoulders while shouting at everyone to get back to their normal classes. She looked as fat as a pig and wouldn’t walk in normal pace.

I told my mum about what happened after I came home that night, I didn’t stop crying until my mum comforted me. My brain could only focus on two things, anger and revenge.

Then came parents meeting night, another excuse for Ms Tonner to say how troublesome I had been. That night came fast, first me showing my mum the things I am learning in school then it was time for her to talk to the teacher. She had her usual clothing but with a jacket. She smiled nicely at my mum when we came in, while looking at my report and adding fake compliments to it, but it looked as if she was giving me an evil look. I went outside for the second half of the meeting, but I could hear everything from outside. From homework, to math, to PE, but there was only one topic I was interested in, the one about me and the fight. My mum wasn’t usually a supportive person, but today, she seemed to change. My mum told Ms Tonner that I wasn’t involved in the fight. Ms Tonner didn’t fight back as she usually would if I were talking to her. There was still one thing that wouldn’t click in place, the question why Ms Tonner only picked on specific people in the class.
Even though my mum told her the truth and she might have believed it, there was still the thought of revenge running through my mind. I was actually wondering if she only treated the parents with respect, and also the students who gave her lots of treats and presents. Like when I told her I was planning to come to Singapore and needed a recommendation letter, she said “You NEVER finish your homework, how can I write your letter compare to someone who always completes their homework.” I forgot to do my homework once that week and didn’t finish a question the next day.

On the first day of school in Singapore, the first thing I noticed was the teachers, they were different from the teachers I had in my old school. They were all friendly and were welcoming all the students as we came in. When I went home that day, I couldn’t wait to tell my mum. I took her through the day bit by bit, from meeting my amazing teacher to all the new subjects that were there in the school. She told me to forget the past and enjoy the present, but that just got me wanting to take my revenge on Ms Tonner again. I opened my laptop and opened my gmail account. I wrote her an e-mail. Ideas were flooding through my head like a raging river, should I write how I hated her  and wanted her to apologize or should I explain to her how she mentally hurted me. I started my e-mail like this:

Dear Ms Tonner:
I was a student who you blamed and accused to, me and my friends are emailing the principal to get you FIRED. I hope you know what I’m talking about.


I was ready to press the “enter” button when I suddenly stopped myself. I didn’t know what was happening or what caused me to stop myself, but I couldn’t do it. It was like half my brain telling me to take revenge and the other half of my brain telling me to not get revenge and calm down.

I agreed with my second half of my brain, maybe taking revenge might even make matters worst and calming down and taking a deep breath might actually help me.

I realised that making decisions when in anger was not the best idea, calming down and thinking about the situation might change my mind. However, when I tried it out, it was not as easy as I thought, but now that I think about it, I realised that even though making decisions when you’re angry is not the best idea, that is usually what happens that cause conflicts. I also realised that when things are unfair, it is not good to leave it and ignore it and let it boil in your heart, it is best to find a solution to that as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


I love the series of books called Cherub. It is a fiction novel about two kids named James and Lauren going to a school that trains you to be a spy like completing a 100 day of tough training, martial arts, know how to use weapons, and etc...
They go on different mission to stop people in the world doing bad and illegal things. I love all kinds of spy books like Alex Rider, Bodyguard and etc...
Those are also the books that I would recommend to people who has the same interest as me.

Monday, 4 November 2013