Wednesday 13 November 2013


Oblivion is a book by Anthony Horowitz, it is the last book in the series "Power of 5". The whole series is about these five 15 years old' who are gatekeepers. They were raised all over the world and they each have different powers. Matt can move or break things with touching it, Pedro can heal, Scott and Jamie who are identical twins can read other people's minds, and Scarlett can control the weather. They were alive 10'000 years ago to keep the old ones locked away, but Matt had been caught without knowing to the old ones, the old ones were almost released but Matt escaped. When the 5 of them got together and understood who they were, they were broke apart again after Scarlett got shot and she couldn't control the typhoon from entering the temple anymore. They had passed 10 years while going through the magic door that could travel directly to another of the 24 doors all around the world without noticing. When they finally got together again in Antarctica, Richard, Matt's best friend had to kill Mike to defeat the old ones and in order for Jamie to go through the door in Antarctica, Scott had to pull open the chain that locked it and died himself, but the trick was they need to be killed 2 times. So the older version of Matt and Scott were sent to Antarctica and they won the battle. In the end the 5 gatekeepers had to say goodbye because they need to go back to dreamworld (you'll find out in the book).The other three people Lohan who was a Chinese drug dealer went back to Hong Kong, Holly( who was a friend that escaped with Jamie and Traveller ) went to find a village that wasn't destroyed with Richard. Finally, the population grew again and they are now 70 and 80 years old.

I really liked the first and middle part as there were lots of action and adventure in it, but it was really sad in the end because Richard had to kill Matt and had to be separated with the 5 gatekeepers. I liked this book out of the series as it showed how people react to different things and how people had to act to save the world.

I really liked this book, hope you like it too! Please comment and see what I can change, it will help me a lot. Thanks

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