Thursday, 27 February 2014

Blogging Challenge 7th Day!!!

Have a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public.

I would rather pee my pants in public as I am very sensitive to smell and taste I feel very sick even when I eat expired chocolate. Peeing in my pants, humiliating but you can just buy new pants or find a way to make the entire pants wet and pretend you never peed in it, it's disgusting as most people will say, but for me, it's still better than drinking spoiled milk. And spoiled milk, you'll also find it gross and get a really bad stomach ache.


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Blogging Challenge 6th Day!!!

Hi, as you have probably noticed, I missed another day, again. I wish I didn't have as much homework everyday and get more time to just chill. Anyway here's todays topic.

Would you rather have to sit all day or stand all day?

I would rather sit all day even though I think sitting on a chair not moving for an hour isn't really comfortable, I would still rather sit. Standing sill is very tiring, I tried standing for even 5 hours once, I thought I would collapse right there. Fitness is just not my thing as I'm not a very athletic person. Standing for a whole day would probably be my last preferable choice in a hundred!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Blogging Challenge 5th Day!!!

Go without internet or car for a month?

This is one of the things I can't really decide on, because as you probably know, almost everybody I know go on the internet a lot, to chat with friends, or just schoolwork. But as you think of it, a lot of us either our parents own a car or we take a taxi. Some people like me are just too lazy to walk, even if it's 1 km, we want to take the car because it's hot outside, but just like the internet, it's addicting to just do it. To ride in a taxi for a 3 km distance road, or go on the internet everyday and go on Facebook and youtube. So I wouldn't prefer one over the other for internet or car.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Blogging Challenge 4th Day!!!

Be poor and work at a job you love or be rich and work in a job you hate?

I would rather work at a job I hate and be rich because I could have a very luxurious life and even though I have to work at a job I hate, I can hire people to help me with that job or even quit it. I am a fussy eater and where I sleep, since I'm very afraid of bugs. If I didn't have any money, then I wouldn't be able to eat the stuff I like to eat and sleep in a airconditioning room with a nice soft bed.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Blogging Challenge 3rd Day!!!

Lose half your hair or lose half your hearing?

I would rather lose half my hair. Think about it, right now, I can sometimes hear if someone whispers, but then if I ose half my hearing, I would probably not even be able to hear someone talk quietly. There's another reason why, I have a huge bunch of hair, I would be way nicer if I had less hair, easier for me to wash my hair and won't get as sweaty if I don't tie my hair up. Hair can always grow back but hearing will never be the same again.

What will you have chose?
please comment

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Blogging Challenge 2nd Day!!!

Find true love or 10 million dollars?

I would take the 10 million bucks for sure. I won't care about true love before I think I'm in university because my mum once said that if you have a true love in high school and you get a higher or lower results in your exam, you will be in different places and not see each other that often, and soon, the relationship will probably end. I could buy so much stuff with 10 million bucks, I love lego and books so I can get a small but cozy house and buy all the lego and books I want.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Blogging Challenge 1st Day!!!

                                                     Get Fridays off or get Mondays off?

I would rather get Mondays off because I don't really like having music first block when I'm all tired and stuff. Also I really like food tech and art which I have on Friday. Another thing is starting off the week thinking I only have 4 more days of school feels really nice rather than starting on Monday thinking I still have a whole week of school.