Thursday 24 April 2014

Occurring Themes

I think back into where Shakespeare wrote his plays, people socialise the same ways except for the internet, people still have romance and believe in magic. That is why the plays and the movies and stories we read now have the same occurring theme. In the Book Thief, when I was first introduced into themes, I though that there would be lots of different themes because every story is different. But when I think of it now, it seems like that all the story I read have similar ideas. All the authors read books and gets their ideas from them, they want to use themes that are popular within a certain age group that their story will be aiming for. Like the theme family, lots of the animation movies has family as a theme, there are also lots of books that base their plot on adventure but wright about how the characters work together, how everybody is connected in some kind of relationship...

Saturday 22 March 2014

Blogging Challenge 12th Day!!!

I was kinda busy last week, catching up on stuff I missed while on a service trip and sick.

Never use the internet again or never watch TV again.

I would rather never watch TV again because you can watch movies on Youtube and Megashare. Not every TV has the function to go on the web like your own computer which means I can't go on the internet. I can play games on the internet and find information I need really fast. The computer's screen is just the right size and I can bring my laptop to wherever I want. Not like a TV which is big.

Monday 10 March 2014

Blogging Challenge 11th Day!!!

Hi everyone, today, I'm not going to follow the list of the blogging challenge since I really want to tell you about the service trip I went for the past 4 days.

Me and my mum went to Cambodia and worked with the Green Gecko' kids for a service trip. My first impression of the kids there were AMAZING. They were very friendly when we ate with them at lunch and nobody was shy as we just talked about what we liked, where we came from and normal conversations like that. But the thing was, I didn't expect them to know English that well, I thought they only knew how to speak Cambodian.

On the second day, we spent more time with the Gecko's including building a car park, farming, building fences, etc. After lunch, we went to visit the tiger club (which is younger siblings of the kids in Green Gecko), and did different activities with them, I did face painting and they really appreciated it.

The third day for me was the most challenging, since I'm not really good at cycling. We had to cycle through really bumpy roads, forest trails, and roads which had heavy traffic to get to the beautiful temple Angkor Wat. It was my first time cycling through these different types of roads as I usually just cycle on sidewalks. During the forest trail, the roads were really sandy and my bike got stuck 2 times. The first I just scraped my knee, but on the second time, I landed on top of the bike and the handle stabbed my stomach which was really really painful. After that, I was really wobbly on my bike and when I heard I have another 6km to bike, I felt like giving up. In the end, the road was really nice but had heavy traffic and I was really afraid I would be hit by a car and always ended up cycling in the middle of the road because all the bikes were near the side of the road. When I finally reached the destination and returned my bike, I was really proud of myself for cycling for around 30km. The bad thing now is that I have a sore bottom from the bike's seat.

This was the first service trip I went to and I learned a lot about the Cambodia culture and how's life living there. Before I went, I always thought Cambodia as a very poor place without electricity and hot water, but now I realised that how many stories you hear about a place, it's always better and different when you really go there and see it. It was a wonderful experience and I'll probably go again next year.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Blogging Challenge 10th Day!!!

Have a missing finger, or have a extra toe.

For certain, I would rather have a extra toe, because without one of your fingers, you can't grip stuff as well, type are well, etc...

Having an extra toe, well not everybody will notice when you're wearing shoes and there is a surgery you can do to remove it. Unless you do stuff with your foot, the extra toe won't create much trouble and won't attract unwanted attention. I could still walk normally even if I had an extra toe I couldn't remove and it won't prevent me from doing most things unlike missing a hand or feet.

Monday 3 March 2014

Blogging Challenge 9th Day!!!

Be in your pyjamas all day or in your suit all day.

I would rather be in my PJ all day because Pj's are way more comfortable. You could sit and stand in whatever position you want but with a suit, you can't. I don't mind being in a suit that much but it resists movement a lot and it will tear or rip if you run around or stretch with it, so even though wearing your PJ's all day might sound ridiculous, it's still better than wearing a suit.

Sunday 2 March 2014

Blogging Challenge 8th day

Hi, I don't keep up with my blogging chalenge very well do I? sigh...-_-

Have your flight delayed for 8 hours or lose your luggage?

There's one rule that I always follow: Never put the most expensive things and the possessions you most like in your luggage. So by that, you probably know I would rather lose my luggage. I hate it when my flight is delayed, it's one of the worst possible thing if it's delayed for a really long time. Sometimes, the flight attendent don't know how long it will be delayed and they won't let you get off the plane to do shopping in the airport, there's no wifi in the plane and I'm not the person who doesn't mind being bored.

Thursday 27 February 2014

Blogging Challenge 7th Day!!!

Have a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public.

I would rather pee my pants in public as I am very sensitive to smell and taste I feel very sick even when I eat expired chocolate. Peeing in my pants, humiliating but you can just buy new pants or find a way to make the entire pants wet and pretend you never peed in it, it's disgusting as most people will say, but for me, it's still better than drinking spoiled milk. And spoiled milk, you'll also find it gross and get a really bad stomach ache.