Tuesday 26 November 2013

No safety in Numbers

This is a book I read recently written in the perspectives of four teenagers. They are stuck in a mall with a deadly virus and people are getting sick and dying everyday. People in the government is already sending in supplies of food and personal hygiene items but the teenagers like Shay, Ryan, Lexi and Marco. They were the first ones to know about the virus and attempts to escape with every possibility including the roof but failed. But, not long, the authorities leave, there are food and medicine shortages, hundreds' of people piled dead in the skating rink and riots popping up everywhere.
Lexi's mother is a senator and takes control of the mall using strict rules like not holding hands and always using the hand sanitiser.

I really like this book because it shows how people act when they are desperate in need of something important and how much they're going to pay for it after doing it.

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